Voice Tech for Kids: Google’s Reading App and Xiaomi’s New Scooter

Google’s new voice assistant teaches kids to read

For all parents homeschooling their children during quarantine, Google has created a kid-focused voice assistant called Diya. Part of tech giant’s new educational app Read Along, Diya is on a mission to teach children how to read. Available on Android, the app features stories and word games for kids aged five and up, while Diya the voice assistant corrects errors as kids read and gives them an occasional pep talk.

Image Credit: Google

Xiaomi launches voice-powered scooter for kids

Another tech giant is intended to help kids learn faster and better — this time how to ride an electric scooter. The new device from Xiaomi’s subsidiary Ninebot is targeted at children and comes with an AI-powered voice assistant that teaches kids to ride the self-balancing scooter and provides safety advice.

Image Credit: Ninebot

Baidu introduces an infrared smart speaker

Having established speaker market share lead in 2019, Baidu recently launched a new infrared smart speaker, that can be integrated with a variety of home appliances. The Xiaodu Smart Speaker 2 Infrared Version comes with a new built-in processor and boasts among all other things a 10% improvement in the first activation rate and a 30% reduction in error in speech recognition.

Image Credit: Baidu

Katy Perry announces via Alexa new album release date

On May 13, American singer Katy Perry revealed that her new KP5 album will arrive on August 14. The pop star chose Amazon Alexa to let people know the release date. The voice assistant says ”Katy asked me to let you know that her new album will be released on August 14. Make sure to follow Katy Perry on Amazon Music for more.”

Image Credit: Katy Perry



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