Weekly Digest: Music Industry Embraces Voice Tech

This week in Conversational AI.

Image Credit: Polina Pirogova/Just AI

Music industry continues voice adoption

Music industry giant Spotify has been trying to include voice in their user experience for a while now. Now it will analyze the user’s voice to suggest songs based on the user’s emotional state, gender, accent, or age. At the same time, BOPPER, a B2B music licensing service, introduced Bopper Voice Assistant that helps advertisers and brand managers identify and select pre-cleared tracks to later pair them with their video and audio advertising. Via Tech Times and All Access.

WeWalk smart cane features voice control and ultrasonics

Designed to be an assistant to people with impaired vision, WeWalk cane features a handle equipped with a touchpad, speaker, and sensory tools. Ultrasonics vibrate the cane when the echo notes a potential waist-high walking hazard. The voice assistant can answer questions about the user’s whereabouts, nearby buildings, landmarks, and public transport spots, book an Uber, provide real-time walking directions, and more. Via Voicebot.ai.

Google’s Voice Access detects in-app icons on Android devices

With the newly updated version of Voice Access, Android device owners will use voice commands to control their devices just the way they like it. The version makes it possible to automatically detect icons on the screen with the help of UI screenshots and identify accessibility labels on images and icons. Via Digital Information World.

Michael B. Jordan is an Alexa Device in Amazon’s new Super Bowl ad

Michael B. Jordan stars as Amazon’s latest Alexa-enabled device in a teaser for Amazon’s Super Bowl ad set to debut this coming Sunday. Via Voicabot.ai.



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